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Celebrities in Boston - 9/10/07

9/10/2007 11:52:00 AM
It's been a busy week for celebrities in Boston. Not only were 3 movies being filmed in the Boston area, but the AARP convention was also in town. Kirk & Michael Douglas spoke at the convention. Wife Catherine Zeta Jones was reported to be in town as well. In addition, LL Cool J hosted a Friday morning workout for convention-goers. And then on Saturday, Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Angelou were on stage together for an interview.

Gisele was spotted at the Patriots game on Sunday supporting her man. Congrats to the Patriots for crushing the Jets. And also congrats to Ellis Hobbs for your 108 yard kickoff return. If you missed it, Hobbs set a new NFL record for the longest kickoff return beating the previous record of 106 yards, by Green Bay's Al Carmichael in 1966, Kansas City's Nolan Smith in 1967 and Roy Green of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1979.

Dane Cook and Kate Hudson made their way to Comedy Connection on Saturday night to see Russell Peters perform. Cook made his way on the stage to join Peters at one point.

Boston is substituting for Paris in the filming of the movie Pink Panther 2. Winthrop Square was temporarily transformed into the French city on Saturday when filming began. I'm really curious to see how the movie comes out. Substituting Boston for Paris is a pretty big stretch. The Pink Panther 2 stars: Steve Martin, Andy Garcia, John Cleese, and Alfred Molina. Keep an eye out for these folks in and around Boston in the next few weeks. Filming this week will take place at the Wang Theatre.

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