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Beckett Bowl Charity Event - Tonight

9/13/2007 04:18:00 PM
Sorry for the short notice, it totally slipped my mind earlier this week. Josh Beckett's Beckett Bowl charity event goes on tonight. Proceeds will go to benefit the Children's Hospital Boston. Yes, the Red Sox pitcher is a local celebrity. But it's the guest performer that will be drawing the crowds.

Adrian Grenier (You and I know him as Vinny Chase from Entourage) will be performing with his band the Honey Brothers at the afterparty. Man, I love that show. And I'm sure you do too. Click (here) for the official website and details. Swing by and catch a Glimpse of AquaMan.

Town Line Ten Pin & Rain Nightlife
665 Broadway
Malden, MA

5:00 PM Bowling Tournament
9:00 PM Post-Event Party

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