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Absinthe Coming to Boston

9/28/2007 11:31:00 AM
I've read the history and heard the rumors about friends of friends going to Eastern Europe and sneaking back a bottle through customs, but I've never personally seen Absinthe. Well, apparently, the Green Fairy is on its way back to Boston.

Viridian Spirits started importing absinthe made with grand wormwood into the US in May of this year. They're selling it under the name "Lucid." Click (here) to check out the official website.

As of right now, Lucid is only available in New York and a few cities in New Jersey, but it's supposed to be coming to Boston on November 2nd. For those of you that can't wait a month, there's a list of retailers in NYC (here) where you can pick some up now.

Patience has never been one of my virtues, and it just so happens that I will be in NYC this weekend. So, hopefully I can find some free time to hit up one of the liquor stores and pick up a bottle.

Next stop, Crate and Barrel for some slotted spoons and Star Market for some sugar cubes.

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