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Shakespeare on the Common - Part II

8/01/2007 09:02:00 PM
Did you guys get a chance to see "A Midsummer Night's Dream" last week? Remember how I mentioned that the show got cut down from 20 performances down to only 7 due to budget cuts? Click (here) for original post. Well I read some news yesterday that really IRKS me. Read the Globe article for yourself (here)

The president and chief executive of the Citi Performing Arts Center received a $1.265 million dollar bonus on top of his $409K salary. Question: What was the budget for the full run of Shakespeare on the Common? Answer: About 960K. This got cut in half to about 480K leaving us the audience with only 7 shows to try to go to.

I think you can see where I'm going with this. First of all, aren't bonuses only supposed to be paid out when you do a good job? Screwing us all out of 13 Shakespeare performances doesn't really seem like a good job to me. Secondly, how about just taking a "measly" 700K bonus, and NOT cutting the Shakespeare on the Common budget?

This just goes to show that just because it's a "Non-Profit" doesn't mean everyone involved is out to make the world better. $$$$$

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1 Response to "Shakespeare on the Common - Part II"

  1. Duane Morin Said,

    Shakespeare bloggers unite!

    Http:// (my own site) and both have the story. We've been robbed! Spread the word!

    Posted on 8/1/07, 10:06 PM


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