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Plymouth Folk and Blues Concerts

8/31/2007 03:26:00 PM
Like I said previously, if you're looking to avoid all the college students moving in to their dorms, consider taking a trip to Vermont. The Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site in Plymouth Notch, VT hosts the 2007 Plymouth Folk and Blues Concerts this weekend, rain or shine. Concerts are free.

Click (here) for a link to the official website. Otherwise see below for the schedule of performances.

September 1st
2 PM Jay Ottaway
3 PM Danielle Miraglia
4 PM Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson
8 PM Jam Session at Javababa's with Robin O'Herin

September 2nd
2 PM James O'Halloran
3 PM Larry Zarella
4 PM Erin Sax Seymour

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  1. The Talker Said,

    Hi, Used to travel quite a bit. Managed Boston a few times, while with a coffee company. Enjoyed the little time free to tour.

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    Posted on 8/31/07, 4:02 PM


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