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Newport Waterfront Irish Festival

8/28/2007 11:57:00 PM
It's 3 minutes till hump day and I'm already thinking about the weekend. This particular weekend is a very special weekend - Labor Day weekend. All the students are on their way back and dreading the first week of school while Ikea employees everywhere are bracing for impact.

The best advice I can give to the Bostonians in our fair city, is to get out of Dodge for the weekend. Every hotel is going to be booked and the streets are going to be filled with rental cars of parents helping their kids move into their dorms.

This brings me to............The 10th Annual Newport Waterfront Irish Festival. The event will be going on all weekend Sept 1 - 3 at the Newport Yachting Center with a special Friday kick off concert. The festival includes: live music, Irish food and drink, a crafts fair, and other family activities. And don't forget the sweet, sweet Guinness.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for students or seniors, and free for children under 12. Click (here) for details on the official website.

PS. Be sure to pack your white linen pants, because you won't be able to wear them for a while after Labor Day hits.

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