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Guns In Boston

8/14/2007 02:20:00 PM
Due to all my travel, I just got around to reading the Sunday paper from 3 days ago. And what do I see on the front page staring back at me? Right at the top in large bold font, "Gun Permits Drop 25% in Bay State." Click (here) if you'd like to read the article for yourself.

As many of you may know, I just recently got my own gun permit (here) after a fairly lengthy application process. Here are a few tidbits and statistics from the article that I found to be enlightening.

Overall, the number of people in Massachusetts with a license to carry a weapon has declined from about 330,000 to about 240,000 from 2001 to 2007.

In Boston, the number of licensed owners fell from 7,577 in 2001 to 4,374 this year, a drop of 42 percent. In the same period, gun licenses in Cambridge dropped 25 percent to 782; 71 percent to 484 in Brookline, and 33 percent to 1,150 in Newton, state records show.

As a gun owner (and even before I was one), my personal opinion was that if someone wanted to go through the steps of legally attaining a gun permit and gun, then they should be able to. It's in the constitution after all. Most of the crime out there is caused by guns that are obtained ILLEGALLY. Case in point is the following from Mayor Menino in the same article.

"We're pleased that the number of gun owners has decreased in our city, but the real issue is illegal guns, and we need more laws to deal with illegal guns in our cities," Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston said in a statement.

Repeat after me...The Real Issue is Illegal Guns. Not the guy that goes hunting for a Thanksgiving turkey in November and not the guy who goes to the gun club to target shoot.

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2 Response to "Guns In Boston"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Why would Mayor menino be "pleased that the number of gun owners has dropped in the city?" when is the last time a registered gun owner was in the news in this city??????? Arent we the good guys?

    Posted on 8/16/07, 8:20 AM

  2. NiceMan1 Said,

    To 'Anonymous': YEAH! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! When is the last time? NEVER. Never seen it. Except the primate police chief's MACHINE GUN FAIR where they gave n 8 yr old the '50-50' (as in chance of slug hitting target vs chance of slug hitting SHOOTER) double eagle machine pistol and it recoiled and shot him in the temple and put him into the '50' percent that catch themselves with the weapon. That whole thing was an aberration though, and the boy (nor his father nor the 'certified' 'instructor' who was supposedly 'supervising')were qualified for a pepper-spray FID much less an LTC; all the same of course the coverage could would and did make the public perception even more skewed as regards how 'easy' it is to legally get a gun here...The teenagers in the park down my street would supply me with a pistol and ammunition within a day's time if I put the law aside and $500 US currency in their dirty hands!
    I live in Jamaica Plain and these gangs have come back big-time, and guess what? the 'Young Gangsta Blood' 16-yr-old that left a 15-year-old's brains all over the steps of the MBTA BUS the victim was boarding, that shooter didn't fill out any forms, take any courses, or jump through any damn flaming hoops either. BUT if a law-abiding resident like myself had the crazy idea of protecting his home and family against the ILLEGAL ammunition fired from ILLEGAL guns I'll have to do a hell of a lot of writing and waiting and (appropriately) training and (appropriately??) pay a lot of fees, course costs, wait like a lump for extended periods of time, be treated like a criminal mySELF if I go to BPD HQ and ask about the SUBJECT much less application forms...Much thanks to the citizen who posted their tiresome (but hey! accomplished, kudos) and time-consuming journey to arriving at the position of legally possessing a licensed firearm. The Kings and Bloods who murder bystanders and adolescents based on literally what street is being targeted...they don't pay membership fees to a gun club either. At least I think, if the original post isnt outdated, that it is still possible for the persistent and patient and paycheck-saving citizen to get there, even if it is 6 or ten months and 2 thousand or so bucks later...Thanks again to poster, you're description of your experience is helpful, informative, and I might add well put-together.
    -Legally Defenseless in Inner-City Boston

    Posted on 5/3/09, 9:05 PM


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