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Thanks Annie for the heads up. This Wednesday, August 22nd, CN8's "Your Morning" will broadcast live from the New England Aquarium on Wednesday, August 22. To celebrate, the NE Aquarium is offering free admission to all visitors who arrive before 8am.

The show will broadcast from 7 to 10 a.m. Visitors will also receive free snacks and the chance to win exciting prizes, along with the possibility of appearing on the show’s broadcast with host Greg Coy and reporter Jill Horner.

I just walked by the Aquarium on Sunday on my walk home from the Fisherman's Feast and I was thinking to myself that I had not been for several years. I'm sure there's plenty of other folks in my same situation. So head over on Wednesday before 8am and get in free. Sure, it's early, but admission is free and hopefully most of the tourist population hasn't woken up yet.

Click (here) for official press release and additional info.

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