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Chinatown August Moon Festival

8/02/2007 03:52:00 PM
Coming up this Sunday is the Chinatown celebration for the August Moon Festival. According to the Metro, legend had it that the Chinese overthrew the Mongol Yuan Dynasty in 1368 with the help of hidden messages in mooncakes.

Personally, I have no idea where the celebration comes from, I just like to eat my mooncake. I'm also a fan of Lion Dancing, and Chinese martial arts performances - both of which will be taking place this Sunday, August 5th. Other stuff going on: Chinese Calligraphy, Live Music, a Ping Pong tournament, and much much more. Click (here) for official website.

Festivities will be centered around the Chinatown Gate and start at 10am and run until 5pm. Here's the plan. Wake up around 10am, saunter over to China Pearl and grab some dim sum. Afterwards, stick around for a few performances and then spend the rest of the day working on that tan in Boston Common.

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2 Response to "Chinatown August Moon Festival"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    What's up with the Moon festival in August? The Moon Festival traditionally celebrates Autumn and is supposed to be held in September. It's a lot of Boston bureaucratic commercialism b.s. to have it during the height of summer. As a Chinese-American, I find it offensive. I guess I should be happy that they have it in the first place.

    Posted on 8/6/07, 12:05 PM

  2. josh Said,

    Yes, that's irritating. I was hoping to go to the festivities, but I assumed they'd be during Autumn Moon Festival!

    Posted on 8/27/07, 12:21 PM


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