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Getting a Gun in Boston - Part Two

7/22/2007 04:53:00 PM
Sorry about not posting yesterday, I was busy Harry Pottering. As I told everyone a couple weeks ago, I finally received my gun license. Read about the entire gun licensing process (here).

Yesterday, I took my newly acquired gun license to the gun shop to purchase my first firearm. From the research that I had done online, the closest/nicest gun shop in the area is The Four Seasons in Woburn - official website (here).

The folks there are very friendly and quite knowledgeable. Since it took me 6 months to get my license, that gave me ample time to do research on what I would purchase as soon as I got my license. Here are things to consider.
I decided to start with a .22 because ammo is cheap and I'm going to need lots and lots of practice so it's the most economical way to go. Second, most competition shooting is done with a .22, so it's a good thing to start with. Lastly, because it's a small caliber weapon, there's not much kickback.

Brand I also just started a subscription of Guns & Ammo since I don't know much about guns and want to learn more. Honestly as a first gun, I was just looking for something with decent reviews and a relatively low cost. The first .22 I ever shot was a Smith & Wesson Model 41. It was a really awesome gun, but then I found out that thing costs about $1000. I eventually settled on a Ruger Mark III. The Ruger website shows it has an MSRP of $382, but I got it for $299 at Four Seasons. All in all, a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Say hello to my little friend.

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4 Response to "Getting a Gun in Boston - Part Two"

  1. Bruce Said,

    You can't go wrong with that.

    Good call.

    Posted on 7/23/07, 8:59 PM

  2. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    To Bruce:
    Thanks, now i just need someone to teach me how to bench rest the gun and align the sights properly. I'm looking forward to countless hours of target shooting in the future.

    Posted on 7/24/07, 1:03 AM

  3. Bruce Said,

    Go over to and register for the forums, if you haven't done so already. There's a vast wealth of local knowledge over there.

    I'm glad to see another pro-2A blogger in Meninostan. I thought that void might never be filled once I moved to NH last December.

    Posted on 7/24/07, 11:13 AM

  4. Mr Weebles Said,

    Nice choice for your first firearm. I own the same gun ... no recoil, cheap to shoot and a whole lot of fun.

    Posted on 7/24/07, 2:18 PM


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