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First of the Month

7/02/2007 11:33:00 AM
I can hear the Bone Thugs singing in my head while I write this post. Wake up...wake up...wake's the first of the month. Well I guess technically it's the 2nd, but anyway. Each month there are a few events that take place in Boston that happen on the "first of." Here's two that you might enjoy.

Free Food at Faneuil Hall

The Taste of Quincy Market: An international Gourmet Feast, takes place on the first Wednesday of the month all summer (June to September) from 5pm to 7pm. Click (here) for the official website, you'll need to scroll all the way to the bottom to read the little blurb. Participating vendors will be showcase their signature cuisine which ranges from local favorites to more exotic fare.

Cocktails at the Museum of Fine Art

MFA First Fridays is a cocktail hour that is held on the first Friday of each month from 5:30 to 9:30pm. The events feature signature cocktails, a tapas menu, special exhibition highlights, and live music. This one's more on the upscale side, so dress up a bit. Entry to the cocktail hour is free with Museum Admission. If you're an art lover, this is a great event to goto meet other like-minded folks. If you're interested in other special MFA events, you should look into joining the museum council. I was a council member for a little while, I really enjoyed the special exhibit lectures. It made seeing the exhibit much more worthwhile. If you're curious about the council, drop me a line and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

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