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Many thanks to Annie from the New England Aquarium for letting me know about their "Celebrate Seafood" dinner series focused on sustainable seafood. Do you guys remember reading an article last November about how we're going to run out of seafood over the next 50 years? An article was published in Science and there were local news articles everywhere covering it. Here's a link to a BBC article from that time (here).

I'm a huge seafood lover. I drove up to Rockport a few weeks ago to get some lobster and do some kayaking. I'm planning on still being around in 2050, and life would suck if there was no seafood left. So everyone do your part to at least be educated on the situation and what alternatives are available.

This Tuesday, July 31st, the dinner series will feature Barramundi, an ocean-friendly replacement for Chilean sea bass. BTW, the real name for Chilean Sea Bass is Patagonian Toothfish - just a little bit of trivia for you. My head is full of useless trivia. Click (here) to learn more about the barramundi.

Here's the menu for this Tuesday. It looks delicious.

First course: Oysters on the half shell served with a champagne-shallot gelée and a frisee-mizuna salad, served with champagne.

Second course: Spicy conch fritters served with a tomatillo-lime salsa and wilted beet and turnip greens, served with sauvignon blanc.

Third course: Pan-roasted barramundi with bitter greens and truffled peaches and wakame, served with pinot gris or fume blanc.

Celebrate Seafood Dinners will be held in the Aquarium’s Harborview Café from 7 – 10 p.m. Diners must be 21 years of age or older. The price is $70 per person for New England Aquarium members, and $75 for non-members. Call (617) 973-5206 for reservations.

Lastly, if you can't make it Tuesday, but you'd still like to give barramundi a try, East Ocean City in Chinatown has a tank full of live ones. You can choose how you'd like the fish prepared. Personally, I like mine steamed and served with soy sauce, ginger and scallion.

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