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Toyota's Mobile Hybrid Museum

6/28/2007 01:34:00 PM
I know that I've already told everyone about Harborfest, but I was just informed of a special exhibit that Toyota is going to have there: The Mobile Hybrid Museum. (Thanks, Lyndsey!). According to the official website for the event (here) they'll be at Harborfest for a 6 day span starting Friday.

So if you're headed over to Harborfest at all this next week, swing by and check out the new Toyota Hybrids (Prius, Camry, and Highlander). I believe it was just a month ago that Toyota beat out GM for the #1 spot, so they must be doing something right.

Now, if they had a prototype of their Hybrid FT-HS (see link here and drool), then I'd be at the exhibit everyday throwing elbows so I could be first in line. That car would probably make Batman jealous.

For those of you that are serious about saving the environment, here's the plan: stop eyeing that Escalade, hug a tree, recycle that Diet Coke can you're holding, and check out some of these hybrid cars. It's probably the best way to learn about them without having to deal with sleazy car salesmen. Besides, gas ain't gonna get any cheaper.

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