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Summer Activity 2: Go to Aruba

6/18/2007 10:40:00 PM
Need a break from Boston? Summer is the season for travel. You're out of school. Or perhaps your kids are out of school. Time to take a load off. I've got the perfect place......ARUBA. If you don't have a tree at home that money happens to grows on, then here's a few tips that will help you out.

Tip 1: On June 30, JetBlue will add Saturday-only nonstop service to Aruba with fares ranging between $149-$399 each way.

Tip 2: Go to and make it your best friend. If you've never heard of Priceline, that will be your other best friend. But basically, biddingfortravel is a bulletin board where people post the lowest prices that they've received via Priceline. I'm going to focus on the part of the website with hotel listings. Scroll down or click (here) to see the board that features Aruba and the prices that people have successfully bid on for hotels/resorts.

Tip 3: Google "priceline maximum rebids" to learn about the art of free rebids on Priceline when trying to get a hotel or resort.

Tip 4: Be sure to reapply sunscreen after you go for a dip in the ocean. Otherwise you'll burn. Most sunscreen isn't nearly as waterproof as they claim to be.

If you're interested in more specifics on the whole Priceline & Biddingfortravel strategy, leave a comment and if there is enough demand then I'll write a couple more posts on the subject.

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2 Response to "Summer Activity 2: Go to Aruba"

  1. chelle Said,

    i love priceline (especially for hotels)!

    Posted on 6/19/07, 12:15 AM

  2. Lisa Colangelo Said,

    I would love more info on successful bidding on priceline.

    Posted on 6/20/07, 12:47 PM


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