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Let me apologize in advance to any conservative readers out there. This post contains questionable material, and because of that, I will not provide any links this time around. If you're really curious, you can Google it on your own.

My new issue of Stuff Magazine came in the mail yesterday. I was leafing through it this morning and lo and behold, a tiny blurb about a porn magazine run by college students in Boston. I was shocked and clearly had to investigate. The publication in questions: Boink Magazine. And it's published by BU students.

Here is what I assume is their mission statement:

Boink is what happens when a group of undergrads from a major Boston area university decide to publish a sex magazine. Boink is the only national adult magazine made by and for college students. We deal openly with sexual themes that are relevant to college-aged men and women. Inside our pages you will find graphic stories, prescriptive advice, confessions, and naked pictures of REAL university students.

From my college days, I remember hearing about Harvard students starting a sex-themed publication called the H Bomb. And I remember hearing about MIT students who were running a website called Geek Porn.

That makes 3 sexually oriented publications from area Universities. Anyone know of any others? I'm sure the Jesuits at Boston College wouldn't be too happy if something like this was going on at BC.

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