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The Red Tide Cometh

6/21/2007 11:57:00 AM
A no-harvesting order has been issued along the North Shore for mussels and soft-shell clams after red tide spread from southern Maine to Gloucester. Being a big fan of seafood and eating in general, I just thought I'd pass this little tidbit along.

Red Tide is a seasonal algal bloom of algae that causes a buildup of toxins in certain shellfish. Learn more about it (here) on Wikipedia. Also, there's an article in today's Globe (here) that provides a few more regionally specific details. According to the article, only clams and mussels are affected while lobsters, shrimp, crabs, and other fish are not.

But if it makes you nervous, maybe it's best to avoid local seafood for a little while. Stick to the imported stuff like my favorite the Chilean Sea Bass aka the Patagonian Toothfish. I kid you not, that's the real name. But fisherman realized no one would ever eat it if they called it by its real name, so they made up a new one. MMMMmMMMM Patagonian Toothfish.......

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