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Tired of paying an arm and a leg for parking downtown? Me too. Today's Globe has an article on the front page about how the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority would like to expand the size of the Boston Common Garage to twice its current capacity.

I think this is a wonderful idea. In a town where a single parking space sold for $250K just six months ago, nothing would make me happier than more parking spaces. The Boston Common Garage now produces $5 million in profit. Just a sign that there's no street parking EVER.

Of course announcing this is just step one. Step 2 through step 3937 will be to jump through every regulatory hurdle in the book, including existing federal EPA restrictions on the number of parking spaces allowed in downtown Boston. In case you're counting, the cap is set at 35,303 spaces.

There's been alot of growth lately in the surrounding areas. Chinatown has the new Archstone Boston Common luxury apartments (Anybody out there reading this live there? How in the world do you afford the rent?) And there's also a big gaping hole in Chinatown where the Glass Slipper used to be. I believe more luxury apartments are supposed to be built there as well. Rumor has it that a W hotel is going to be built in the Theatre District. All signs point to us needing more parking.

I live downtown, and I pay $260 a month for a parking space. Let's get a little competition going in the market so we can drive prices down and I can stop eating Ramen on a daily basis.

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