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Lansdowne Gets A Facelift

6/01/2007 11:26:00 AM
Boston NOW has an article today about some of the renovations instore for Lansdowne street. Axis and Avalon are going away!?! Shocked? So am I. After a little more digging, the Globe had an article on this about a month ago (here).

Plans have been approved to replace Axis and Avalon with a new 35,000 sq foot venue with a 2,500-capacity, larger stage, better lighting, and more amenities. It will be called .....*drumroll*......The Lansdowne Street Music Hall. Note to the developer, you're spending $14 million dollars on this project, can't you think of a catchier name? There's a reason why most clubs have short names - people don't like saying (or txt messaging) long ones.

"Where you goin tonight?"
"Suite or Gypsy or Liquor Store"
No one will ever say "I'm going to the Lansdowne Street Music Hall"
If you're lucky, it'll get truncated to "The Hall"

Embassy and Modern will be converted into restaurants.

The clubs in question will be closed for construction by late summer and is estimated to be finished by early 2008. Where will all the teeny-boppers go clubbing? I guess it'll mean more business for the clubs in the Theatre District.

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