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Fashion News Update

6/14/2007 01:49:00 PM
Good news for the ladies. Zara is coming to town. For those of you that aren't familiar, Zara is a Spanish retailer. And those reading, I know what you're thinking. Half of you are thinking "Hell yeah, it's about time." The other half are thinking, "This sucks, I used to be the only one around with Zara clothing. Now everyone will have it." I rememeber the same thing happening when Club Monaco came to the Prudenial center.

Anyway, Zara has chosen Boston as one of its target markets for expansion in the U.S. Right now the plan is to open stores in 3 locations. Details (here).

1. This year: The Natick Collection (the new name for the
Natick Mall)
2. Next year: The 3 story space formerly occupied by Emporio Armani.

3. Eventually: A store within the former Filene's Building in Downtown Crossing

And if you can't wait for Zara to start your shopping, here's a list of some of the sales going on right now.

Obviously all of these are on "selected merchandise"

: 40% off through June 30th
Anne Fontaine
: 30-50% off from 6/15 - 6/30
Black and Blues
: 50% off through June 30th
Brooks Brothers
: Up to 40% off through July 1
: Up to 75% off items from the Spring 2007 collection through June 30th
: 20-50% off from late June through Mid July
: 30% off through June 30th
Lord & Taylor
: 30% off 6/15-6/26
: 50% off all lingerie 6/23-6/30
30-70% off through June 30th
: 30% through June 30th

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3 Response to "Fashion News Update"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Do you know how big (in sq. ft.) the Zara store at Downtown Crossing will roughly be?

    Posted on 10/6/07, 1:24 PM

  2. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Hi Anonymous,
    According to this globe article:
    Zara corporate isn't discussing the Downtown Crossing site. That was in June though. I haven't heard anything new. Have you been to the Zara in Natick yet?

    Posted on 10/6/07, 11:58 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I actually haven't, but I was able to stop by Neiman Marcus which was absoulutly fantastic/breathtaking! I shopped for a while in the Chanel in store boutique and headed over to the Prada one and bought a few handbags and got one of the multi tone jackets!
    The YSL boutique at Nordstrom is great and I got a leopard print dress!
    I'll need to go back to check out Zara and LV!

    Posted on 10/8/07, 9:40 PM


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