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Download 2007

6/15/2007 04:10:00 PM
Do you like live music? Do you like lots of live music all at once? Well, Download 2007 is coming to Boston on August 18th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, Saturday 6/16 at 10am.

For more information on the music festival, head over to the offical website (here) and then if you'd like to purchase tickets, head over to the Livenation site (here).

Current headliners for the festival:

Modest Mouse
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Neko Case
Wolf Parade
Band of Horses

Like I said previously, the concert is on August 18th and it will be held at teh Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. This might be one of the last times you get to go to the "Tweeter Center." Now that Tweeter has filed bankrupty and given up it's naming rights, who knows, maybe one day it'll be the Beantown Bloggery Center in Mansfield, MA.

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