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Avoid Mass Ave This Weekend

6/21/2007 11:38:00 AM
Four blocks of Mass. Ave., from Waterhouse Street to Wendell Street starting at 6pm on Friday, June 22 until 5am on Monday, June 25. If you can guess why, you win a pat on a back and a cookie.

If you guessed: repaving the road - you're wrong. If you guessed: street festival - you're still wrong. If you guessed: so Harvard can move three buildings that they own about a block and a half North, then I owe you a cookie.

That's right folks. If you were planning on driving up Mass Ave. in Cambridge this weekend, think again. Harvard's Ukrainian House, Baker House, and what's described as a 'carriage house' will be lifted and moved on hydraulic lifts this weekend so that Harvard can build something else there. Apparently this process will take 3 WHOLE DAYS!

Click (here) for more details courtesy of the Boston Herald. Good thing I prefer spending my time in Boston and not Cambridge. For those of you driving in Cambridge, I' sure there will be lots of people that didn't get the memo, so anticipate that traffic will be horrible all throughout that area.

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1 Response to "Avoid Mass Ave This Weekend"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I demand a cookie!

    Posted on 6/22/07, 10:00 AM


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