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If you've walked down Boylston Street lately, you've seen the nice progress that the new Mandarin Oriental has been making in front of the Prudential Center. This building is one of many recent luxury residences that have been gone up, catering to the wealthy in Boston. This one, though, will be the utmost in opulence and decadence.

Here's an artist rendering of what the Mandarin Oriental will look like when it's finished. Click here for a real estate article from two years ago when they first broke ground on this project.

Here's a few boston A-listers that have purchased units in this building.

Chad Gifford, former chief executive of FleetBoston Financial Corp.
Democratic fund-raisers Gerry and Elaine Schuster
David Mugar, the man who brought Fourth of July fireworks to the Esplanade; and Robert Epstein, one of the owners of the Boston Celtics. Herb Chambers - owner of 38 car dealerships in the New England area also bought a unit here.

Speaking of Herb, here's a more recent article from yesterday talking about a couple more of his recent real estate deals. Here's my favorite quote:

Chambers is selling the Back Bay property, which he bought for $9 million, because he said he lives alone and at more than 9,000 square feet, it's just too big.

I live alone too, except my studio is only about 400 sq feet. =)

And lastly, one of Boston's most beloved restaurants - L'Espalier - will be moving into the Mandarin Oriental once it's open. For those of you that haven't yet had the chance to eat at Frank McClelland's classic Boston institution, I suggest you do so before he moves. L'Espalier is currently housed within a cozy Back Bay brownstone on Gloucester St. The ambiance is wonderful and food is amazing. Things won't be the same once L'Espalier moves. But who's to say it can't get even better? Best to go now, so that you can judge the Before & After for yourself. If you do go, have the Tasting Menu. It's beyond words.

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